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Schweitzer Village:

High speed wireless internet available

Intermax Networks has worked hard to expand our network at Schweitzer giving you the speed and reliability you need while on the mountain. 

Call us today to get setup with connectivity you can count on!

The Sky's The Limit

High-speed Internet is here!

Comparable pricing with greatly increased speeds!

Stream, game, and surf the web with no buffering or WiFi Stress

Options for managed router with WiFi service for better customer support experience.

Local support from our main office in Coeur d’Alene and downtown Sandpoint.

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Search, stream, game and more at the same time. Stream TV from your home internet provider.




25x3 Mbps Package
$ 83
Per Month
  • 25 Mbps download speeds
  • 3 Mbps upload speeds
  • Standard Family Plan


100x 10 Mbps
$ 186
Per Month
  • 100 Mbps download speeds
  • 10Mbps upload speeds
  • Business Class Internet
  • Wi-Fi Modem and Support package included
  • VPN capable
  • Large number of devices
  • 4k/Ultra HD streaming capable


50x5 Mbps Package
$ 139
Per Month
  • 50 Mbps download speeds
  • 5 Mbps upload speeds
  • Standard Family Plan
Standard Family Plan

5-10 devices general surfing
2-3 streaming HD devices
No data caps

Internet Options
  • $99 activation and installation fee.
  • A router is needed if you want to have wireless connectivity on your network. Opt in to the Max-Care program for an additional $13 per month for complete management of the wi-fi router and modem, replacement for failed or troubled routers included.
  • Seasonal plan requires minimum service activation for 7 months. The seasonal term is October through April. 
  • $15/month account maintenance fee from May through September.

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With speeds three times faster, we are sure there is a package that suits your needs. Download in seconds, stream instantly and say goodbye to buffering. Go ahead use ALL those devices at the same time! No need to sacrifice speed and reliability while on the mountain.

Cut the cord
stream your services

Fastest Speeds

Intermax offers a range of packages in each service, designed to meet your needs and budget.

No Surprises

With Intermax your monthly rate will not change. No data caps or overage charges – just one flat monthly rate.


Our experts are here to help – from professional installation and setup to knowledgeable technical support

Locally Invested

We’re locally owned and operated, and our employees live in the communities we serve.

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Search, stream, game and more at the same time. Stream TV from your home internet provider.